From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/28/97

Whoops - didn't add my obcircle to that last message...
  Here it is now.

        Before I totally re-write the magic system on my mud, i'm just
curious if anyone can give me ideas how to go about it -

        What I want to do is re-organize all the spells in such a way that
you can define spell "groups". Fireball, fire finger, flame strike,
burning hands, fire storm, lava arrow, etc.. these would all be in the
"fire" group. Then, you can easily setup something like "resistance to
fire" or races that are fire-immune (phoenix, fire elementals, etc).  Of
course, there'd be a bunch of physical types, what I've got is
fire, ice, electricity, water, air/gas, direct-magic (like curse, or magic
missile), impact/slash, charm-types (sleep, charm, etc), healing/curing,
and summoning and thats about it.  Are there any spells out there  of
a type that I'm missing do you think? And any good suggestions about the
style of implentation?


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