Re: Magic

From: Zizazat Lazuras (zizazat@INAV.NET)
Date: 07/29/97

>         What I want to do is re-organize all the spells in such a way that
> you can define spell "groups". Fireball, fire finger, flame strike,
> burning hands, fire storm, lava arrow, etc.. these would all be in the
> "fire" group. Then, you can easily setup something like "resistance to
> fire" or races that are fire-immune (phoenix, fire elementals, etc).  Of
> course, there'd be a bunch of physical types, what I've got is
> fire, ice, electricity, water, air/gas, direct-magic (like curse, or magic
> missile), impact/slash, charm-types (sleep, charm, etc), healing/curing,
> and summoning and thats about it.  Are there any spells out there  of
> a type that I'm missing do you think? And any good suggestions about the
> style of implentation?

You could allocate your spells.h defines so all the fire spells were
35-75, ice spells 76-100 or something to that effect. Then have some other
defines so it would know the range of our various spells.

Or (I just had another idea) you could put a new element on the spells.
Then you could bit vector the type of spell (fire, ice, elec, magic).

*plink, plink*

--Ziz, NewShamen

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