Re: [NEWBIE] CircleMUD and problems with other programs

From: Franco Gasperino (awe@CET.COM)
Date: 07/29/97

Granted a *nix box may be more suitable for running a mud, a NT machine
is no more subject to cpu or memory lockup than a *nix box. It all depends on
the priority given to the process and the effectiveness of the programming
behind the mud. Give a big mud a priority of 20, and you can see a *nix box
lock up pretty quick also.

Franco Gasperino
Cutting Edge Communications Inc

On Tuesday, July 29, 1997 1:09 PM, Patrick J. Dughi [SMTP:dughi@IMAXX.NET] wrote:
> > > causing problems is how does CircleMUD interfere with web servers, mail
> > > servers, and other communications programs that are running?  On a Windows
> > > NT 4.0 server running multiple programs would MUD crashes and general MUD
> >  It shouldn't... They say that NT's are smart enough to prevent one
> > program from crashing whole system.
>         This is true. However, like windows95, one process can lock up the
> entire machine - stealing too many cycles, and memory...however, comparing
> windows95 multitasking to NT multitasking is like the ELF to an AppleIIe.
> Yeah, they both suck, but at least you can play "Moonpatrol" on an
> AppleIIe
> >
> > > use cause problems with the other programs or cause them to crash as well?
> > > I have heard all about MUD crashes but I haven't actually seen one and I
> > > don't know what it does to the system.  Also, with 32 mb ram and a pentium
> > On Linux, you get a nice core file... And that's about it... :)
>         A mud crash is simply the actual program dying. Usually it dosen't
> affect the rest of the system.
> > > pro 200 would the system be slowed down by the MUD?  I would hate for his
> > WindowsNT running on machine with 32 megs of ram? *shiver* Brrrr... Mud
> > will slow it down a bit... but since it's already like a snail it won't
> > show much ;>
>         Yes. NT, with 48 megs - running only the microsoft backoffice
> webserver, with frontpage extensions causes the screen saver to become
> jerky, much less allow you to run other programs. It would very much slow
> it down.  Of course, the NT machine i'm refering to is only a p133, but
> i've heard tell that NT isn't really happy till you get about 64 megs.
>         I really recommend that you gauge the system responsiveness after
> running your mud, if you're worried.  Lucky for you that most people web
> browsing expect a delay when they connect.. modem users for the most part.
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