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Date: 07/29/97

At 04:22 PM 7/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Be a real man, use linux, and discover what real multitasking is.
>and btw....a mud won't affect a dual processor, but it'll slow down a
>single processor system.

I would have to disagree on that one... it does not mater how many
processors you have or what flavor they might be (within reason) if you are
staving for ram. On a NT 4.0 system, I would not even thing of running all
of that on less then 64 megs, then again, I myself run a linux system with
128 megs of ram and in theory, the line would bog before the machine would.

In my opinion, there would be no way you could really tell how much lag a
system will have after putting your mud on it untill you know how much
traffic each item will receive. How much traffic does the web server, your
mud, and whatever else will be running on the system during peek/off peek

Just another 2 cents... (I bet you are rich by now!)

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