Re: [NEW IDEA?] Binary Pfile Editing system

From: Crimson Wizard (cwizard@GIBLETS.COM)
Date: 07/29/97

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Zizazat Lazuras wrote:

> > I'd rather just see ASCII pfiles in the stock code personally.
> About how much time and effort are we talking to insteall the ASCII pfiles
> patch?

I *thought* it installed fine on my system, but upon compiling I got alot
of errors related to the clan.c snippet and the AutoAuction v1.5 patch, so
I said fuckit binary works fine :)

whois|grep YEA2|awk '{print $1}'
whois|grep DOM|awk '{print $1}'
whois|grep DOM|awk '{print $1}'|cut -c1
whois tm920|grep TM920|awk '{print $4}'|cut -d@ -f1

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