[OLC][REdit]Wierd problems/Crashes with last room.

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 07/29/97

Here is a wierd problem I have been having...

Its a bug in REdit.  I believe it shouldbe reproduceable on all systems.

Now get this...

Go to the >very< last room on the game (in my game, that was zone 250,
room 99).

Edit it, edit an exit (dunno if this is required), and then quit the
editor.  Say "yes" to save changes.

The MUD crashes.  Your core file will be untraceable, being a lib_free().
Ok... so I did some tracing.  It crashes in free_room(), specifically at
the part where it frees up the exits, and specifically on the LAST exit
that it frees.  Or so it appears (I could be wrong or near-wrong).

Checking everything over, nothing is wrong.  Everything looks fine.  in
particular, this problem only happens with the very last room in the
game, so it should be easily avoidable

I don't know a fix, but will look into it.  Anyone else seen this problem?

- Chris Jacobson

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