[bug] the known load mob thing

From: Adam Beytin (mbeytin@UMD5.UMD.EDU)
Date: 07/29/97

Don't know if anyone has ever even cared about fixing this one, but here
it is.  When you have, say this in your zone file:
M 0 1 2 1  (I think the 4th arg is max #)
M 0 1 2 2
If you kill the mob that loaded in room 2, but not in room 1, it will load
again, having two of the same mob in room 1 instead of one in each.
I prefer not to have this problem, and there are two ways to fix.
One, create a new mob for each room, but that sucks and just wastes memory
and machine time..
Or, you could do what I'm gonna do very soon., as soon as I get qaround to

Change the effect of that arg to only limit the max # in a room.
Add a new mob stat, that is, the max that can load.
For objects, you COULD make a stat that is the max number, but it would
only complicate things in the reset_zone function, as you would have to
change the O, G, and E functions, and I think they are mostly part of the
same three arg function.., along with M, so just mobs need be effected.

Now, it would also be much easier to do when you have little or no areas
in your mud, as the more, the more you have to change.  As for me, I have
no full areas, and probably about 10 mobs so far, so all I have to do is
figger out the damn code.

I'll post the fix when I finish with it.

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