Re: [bug] the known load mob thing

From: Adam Beytin (mbeytin@UMD5.UMD.EDU)
Date: 07/30/97

> >The problem here is that mobs (by default) wander around, and if it's a
> >relatively big zone, with (initially) only a few mobs, you'll have lots
> >of mobs where they shouldn't be after a few zone resets.
> >This is assuming you're only checking the room in which they repop for
> >the max, which is what you seem to be saying.
>   You could have it check FIRST for in the room, and THEN go to in the zone.
> like if its NOT reached the ROOM max, and its NOT reached the ZONE max,
> then load it in THAT room, but that sounds like default behaviour to me.

There is no room max, so how could that be default behaviour?

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