[Code] Various things from the mailing list digest.

From: Carynne Bellamy (mail30049@POP.NET)
Date: 07/30/97

After reading over the mailing list digest I just had to comment on a
few things.

Dark Shadow <dark.shadow@NETHERWORLD.NET> wrote in response to someone's
question about running CircleMUD on an NT box:
> Be a real man, use linux, and discover what real multitasking is.

Phew!  It's a good thing I have no desire or need to "be a real man".
Sometimes NT is all a person has available, and if so, then I don't see
the need to engage in silly "be a real man" puffing up contests.  This
is a CircleMUD list, not a Linux or NT advocacy list.

I'm running CircleMUD 3.0b pl11 on an NT box with 96MB of RAM.  I also
run a fairly active FTP and WWW server on the same box.  Nothing's
locked up yet.  NT does prefer gobs and gobs of memory.  To the original
poster:  I'll bet if you helped invest ~$200 for more memory for the
box, the owner of the box would not only be grateful, everything on the
machine would run better, and you'd both be happier.  Memory is a
reasonably cheap commodity these days.

Crimson Wizard <cwizard@GIBLETS.COM> wrote in response to the statement
"Oasis is impossible to install...":
> I don't usually just come out and attack someone's intelligence, but what
> the hell is so hard about typing patch < oasis.patch to stock circle?  It
> works fine every time.  It really has to be done FIRST tho or it will
> produce alot of .rej files.

While Justin was a bit vague as to exactly HOW Oasis was impossible to
install, you shouldn't always assume everyone is on a *nix platform.
Oasis was a real pain in the ass to install on my NT box.  There's no
patch utility (that I've found) available for NT that handles long
filenames, so I ended up manually patching in Oasis and between the
several hours it took to read through the patch file and modify the code
and the additional hours it took to hunt down my one typo which was
innocuous enough to get through the compiler, but crashed the MUD
regularly, it WAS just about impossible to install.

BTW, several have mentioned a stock Circle version WITH Oasis
installed.  Where is that located?  Also, does it just include the Oasis
as is found on the FTP site, or might some of the zedit bugs, etc. be

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