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From: Rob Baumstark (shirak@CONNECT.AB.CA)
Date: 07/30/97

> Crimson Wizard <cwizard@GIBLETS.COM> wrote in response to the statement
> "Oasis is impossible to install...":
> > I don't usually just come out and attack someone's intelligence, but
> > the hell is so hard about typing patch < oasis.patch to stock circle?
> > works fine every time.  It really has to be done FIRST tho or it will
> > produce alot of .rej files.
> While Justin was a bit vague as to exactly HOW Oasis was impossible to
> install, you shouldn't always assume everyone is on a *nix platform.
> Oasis was a real pain in the ass to install on my NT box.  There's no
> patch utility (that I've found) available for NT that handles long
> filenames, so I ended up manually patching in Oasis and between the
> several hours it took to read through the patch file and modify the code
> and the additional hours it took to hunt down my one typo which was
> innocuous enough to get through the compiler, but crashed the MUD
> regularly, it WAS just about impossible to install.
> BTW, several have mentioned a stock Circle version WITH Oasis
> installed.  Where is that located?  Also, does it just include the Oasis
> as is found on the FTP site, or might some of the zedit bugs, etc. be
> fixed?
I used to have this problem too.  I'm running my MUD on a Win95 server, and
putting in patches was such a pain, I'd rewrite everything myself, just
going through the patch list for ideas.  But I've found a utility that lets
you patch things... (but no long file names.)  I still think it's good, and
if you want to patch interpreter.c, when you run it, and it don't find it,
it will ask you for another file name, you type interp~1.c, and everything
goes fine.... You spend a little time with the reject files (This prog just
puts a # after the extension to indicate reject) And perhaps rename a few
files, but that is still a LOT faster then manually patching something like
Oasis, which I wouldn't try to write myself.  If you want it, I put it on
my web page

About the Circle with Oasis, look at the FTP in the 3.x/windows directory
(or something like that)

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