Re: [ASCII RentFiles] Done?

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 07/30/97

On Sat, 26 Jul 1997, Chris Jacobson wrote:

> Has anyone imp'd ASCII Rentfiles, and is willing to distribute their code?

Yes and no.  I've done it, but I didn't do it in a very extractable way.
Maybe someday I'll find time to make a patch out of it.

> Not that I couldn't code it up myself - I would, but I don't have a lot
> of time to code these days and other issues have a higher importance.

It's actually pretty easy if you keep it simple.  I wanted a lot of
flexibility and tailored it to a specific mud so I spent a lot of time
with it, but it's just a matter of copying the ascii pfile code.

> Also, has anyone considered ASCII Bulletin Boards, and other files?

Yeah all the others, except the bans, which I forgot about and never
bothered with.  If you've got ascii object files, you can modify that code
just a bit to work with boards and mail.  Just add a ITEM_ISTEXT flag and
a "Text:" entry into the object loading and saving, and not only can
players save mail and notes in their inventory, but boards and mail files
become a collection of objects in an ascii file.


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