Re: Real DB for Circlemud..

From: tigeba (tigeba@SPRINTMAIL.COM)
Date: 07/30/97

> Quote ------>
> Here is an idea i have been mulling over for a week or so..
> Instead of reinventing the wheel (db.c) and creating an entire database engine
> to handle all your mud information, how about just store everything in a real db
> like Postgres or similar.  Stick your all your data in there Platyers, objects,
> world files.  Retrieval would be a heck of a lot easier than reading ascii files
> that you make..  Also with all of the database tools available, you could
> suppliment OLC with HTML based world editing that would talk directly to the DB
> (Tools to create this stuff are abundant and easy to use..)  I'm thinking about
> taking a week or so and converting my pfile system to use a database as sort of
> a test run and will let you all know if it works.  Anyway, please make up some
> pro/cons for me in case i have not considered something......
> <------ Quote
> A real DB is a good idea...  been playing with CGI and Sybase SQL at work and it
> is wonderful.
> pros:   speed
>         ease of organization
>         ease of editing data
> cons:   portabiliy: the DB would need to be free and easy to move between
>                 systems.  The mud I workd with is known as PhoenixMud for a good
>                 reason.  It has lost its site about 7-13 times in the past 3-4
>                 years, and just keeps coming back, rising from the ashes as it
>                 were.
>         Learning Curve: Yet another thing to learn,  the joys of SQL!

On portabiblty:  I decided to use PostgreSQL, which will work on
virtually any
        UN*X machine. In response to a previous post on this topic, The
        of course would store all game data realtime so there would be no need
        for any ascii or binary game files and such (Hmm, i might skip mail and
        boards, not much benefit for those in the DB unless you just want
        to keep them for posterity)  In any case, I currently use ascii pfiles,
        and I have sucessfully made one small DB conversion as a test.  I have
        converted the player index  and it seems to work ok..  The next step is
        go ahead and do a full blown pfile conversion to the DB .  I am a
        intimidated my the char_file_u crap since it does not make much sense
to me
        currently, but i guess i will figure that out when i get there....


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