Re: [newbie] [space] Looking for room for a mud.

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@EOLA.AO.NET)
Date: 07/30/97

> One thing people should know...
> A small mud isn't so small... after growing to about 400 players, having
> your source code (and compiled .o files), the binary (with full debug),
> and your lib files, even a stock circlemud uses at least 10 megs of disk
> space and 3 megs of RAM, and 3 megs of swap.
> If you remove magic, you'll get it to drop to about 2 megs of RAM and 2
> megs of swap...
We have been up on and off for about 18 months now, have extensive
new, long help files on most of our 150 skills and spells, have just shy
of 10k rooms, a 1200 char pfile (recently reduced from 2400)
about 2500 mob protos (just over 5.5k loading)
about 2000 obj protos (just over 4.7k as i check)

we take up, with everything (including a few storage dirs for offline
conversion of zones) about 40meg HD space. (This doesnt include 3 differnt
FULL back ups on 3 physically seperated machines)

when we are running with 15 people on (a bit higher than our average) we
hit about 10meg memory usage (not sure on the swap)

I have seen it as high as 15 meg with 30+ people on. (we may have had more
zones then as well)

Just some stats that may help you.

Ghost Shaidan

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