[newbie] [space] Looking for room for a mud.

From: Eian Counts (ecounts@KNOX.NET)
Date: 07/30/97

Howdy to everybody on the list!

Well, I am wanting to put up a mud, and have even started work on the
code, but I have run into one important problem, I don't have anywhere to
put my mud. :) I was wondering if perhaps one of you or perhaps somebody
you know would be willing to let me have just a teensy bit of room on
there *nix box for free.


A couple of things. I am adding a class and am trying to #define
ITEM_ANTI_KNIGHT. But when I go to structs.h to change I see that
ITEM_NOSELL is just below where where the ITEM_ANTI_XXXs are defined,
now, should I increment ITEM_NOSELL and stick ITEM_ANTI_KNIGHT between it
and the classes? or should I just put ITEM_ANTI_KNIGHT *after*

And lastly, why does circle use it's own LOWER() function? Why doesn't it
just us the to_lower() ansi-c function?


- Eian

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