Re: [newbie] [space] Looking for room for a mud.

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 07/30/97

On 7/30/97 11:54 AM, Eian Counts (ecounts@KNOX.NET) stated:

>Well, I am wanting to put up a mud, and have even started work on the
>code, but I have run into one important problem, I don't have anywhere to
>put my mud. :) I was wondering if perhaps one of you or perhaps somebody
>you know would be willing to let me have just a teensy bit of room on
>there *nix box for free.

One thing people should know...

A small mud isn't so small... after growing to about 400 players, having
your source code (and compiled .o files), the binary (with full debug),
and your lib files, even a stock circlemud uses at least 10 megs of disk
space and 3 megs of RAM, and 3 megs of swap.

If you remove magic, you'll get it to drop to about 2 megs of RAM and 2
megs of swap...

- Chris Jacobson

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