Re: [newbie] [space] Looking for room for a mud.

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@EOLA.AO.NET)
Date: 07/30/97

> >
> > we take up, with everything (including a few storage dirs for offline
> > conversion of zones) about 40meg HD space. (This doesnt include 3 differnt
> > FULL back ups on 3 physically seperated machines)
> >
> > when we are running with 15 people on (a bit higher than our average) we
> > hit about 10meg memory usage (not sure on the swap)
> >
> hehe, ok you guys have already scared everybody away. ;) 10megs for a
> basic installation of circle? The src and wld files for v3bpl11 (on my
> Win3.1/DOS ok, don't laugh, no I haven't ported it, would *you* want to
> put up a Win3.1 system on the Internet? :) only takes up about 3megs, does a
> pfile with 200 users really take about 7megs? As far as the ram goes, I
> can see that, but on a 128+ system would 10 megs be missed that much?
> *shrug* Well, it looks like my love affair with CircleMUD ended before it
> started. :p

Well, as I said we have been up about 18 months, and if we were still
stock anything after 18 months i think i would take bidders to rm -rf * in
my root dir for me *8).

we have things like colors, races, clans, obuild (174k .c file all by

if my post said 200 i typod, its 1200.

I didnt mean to scare anyone away, i wanted to make sure that whoever was
asking new if you expand aggressively (which doesnt preclude code
optimization) you can soon balloon past those limits.  you can look up and
see your tiny stock installation pushing the bounds of your system.

Ghost Shaidan

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