Re: [newbie] Wear Positions.

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@EOLA.AO.NET)
Date: 07/30/97

The easy way to avoid this if you dont feel like doing this is:
a (the harder way)
use an object/zone file coverter.

b (the way I did it)
just add the new positions at the END of your list of wearpos's and if the
out of order display for look or eq bothers you that much, rewrite the
display in lookatchar or whatever do_eq calls.

Ghost Shaidan

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Adam Beytin wrote:

> > What files are neccesary to edit in order to create new wear positions
> > for eq?  If possible, can i have a walkthrough?
> I did that, it's pretty simple.  Only thing is you have to go through all
> the .obj files and increment the alphabetical flags for the positinos
> after the new ones.  I did two ankle positions, which, to make it easier,
> came right before wielded.  So I had to go through all .obj files (very
> few atm ;)  and change all the wield and hold positions from the 14th and
> 15th positions (remember, each finger/neck/wrist/ankle only counts as one)
> to 15th and 16th.  Had to go through files like constants.c, but the
> EASIEST WAY to do this would be to grep for a similar position, wrist
> works well in my case, and everything that somehow affects or it affects,
> make sure is added in with new position.  For instance, you must find the
> <worn on <bodypart>> list and add your new position(s) inthe correct
> place(s).  Must also look for item WEAR_WRIST, add WEAR_ANKLE, or
> whatever, and the worn on positions L_WRIST and R_WRIST (Not sure if
> that's the exact name, best to grep for wrist and WRIST) and add the new
> stuff, like L_ANKLE and R_ANKLE.  It's not that complicated, you just have
> to find everything.  IF you get a crash, you know you missed something,
> and just trace the crsah.
> Btw, you also have to go through the zone files and incremement the worn
> position with all the E commands accordingly.

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