Re: [newbie] Wear Positions.

From: Adam Beytin (mbeytin@UMD5.UMD.EDU)
Date: 07/30/97

> What files are neccesary to edit in order to create new wear positions
> for eq?  If possible, can i have a walkthrough?

I did that, it's pretty simple.  Only thing is you have to go through all
the .obj files and increment the alphabetical flags for the positinos
after the new ones.  I did two ankle positions, which, to make it easier,
came right before wielded.  So I had to go through all .obj files (very
few atm ;)  and change all the wield and hold positions from the 14th and
15th positions (remember, each finger/neck/wrist/ankle only counts as one)
to 15th and 16th.  Had to go through files like constants.c, but the
EASIEST WAY to do this would be to grep for a similar position, wrist
works well in my case, and everything that somehow affects or it affects,
make sure is added in with new position.  For instance, you must find the
<worn on <bodypart>> list and add your new position(s) inthe correct
place(s).  Must also look for item WEAR_WRIST, add WEAR_ANKLE, or
whatever, and the worn on positions L_WRIST and R_WRIST (Not sure if
that's the exact name, best to grep for wrist and WRIST) and add the new
stuff, like L_ANKLE and R_ANKLE.  It's not that complicated, you just have
to find everything.  IF you get a crash, you know you missed something,
and just trace the crsah.
Btw, you also have to go through the zone files and incremement the worn
position with all the E commands accordingly.

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