Re: Comparing with SMAUG

From: James Kane (jkane@MAIL.TDS.NET)
Date: 07/30/97

>Has anyone considered changing the world files into a more generic format?
>I've toyed with the idea of using a tagged entry system (as in the pfile
>patch).  It may seem like a waste of effort, but I'm thinking it could
>eliminate some of the world parsing code if done right, and would make
>adding variables easier.

Actually if you can find it, NiMud (aka The Isles) does this.  Currently I
this at about 5th on my list of things to do to my copy of the mud though it
occur when I move the world[] array and the prototypes into hash tables
I'm sure I'll be making lots of changes in db.c anyway...  Since I'm in
right now I can't really tell you how much larger or smaller the code got by
doing this.

My main reason for doing this is the second one you mention.  I've got plans
for several new variables for objects and a couple for mobs and don't want
to go through and update the whole database at once. :)

Back to the original topic....
Exactly what about SMAUG is that the original poster likes from the players
point of view?  Sure it's heavily featured with clans and what-not but this
all fairly easy to add to Circle (several patches for this type of stuff

From a coder/builder point of view the ability to add classes, clans, races,
etc. from a text file is appealing and one I'm putting in myself if I find
the time
in my overworked, underpaid schedual. :)

James Kane       

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