[NEWBIE (I think)] Hometowns, and Savepoints.

From: Simba (simba@MAIL.GATEKEEP.NET)
Date: 07/31/97

        Been away from the list, my e-mail changed. :) Well, here it is:

Well, I want to make it so that when a character saves, then comes back, it
restarts them in the room they saved at. I know, this is MercISH but that
menu seems... well, tacky to me. It's also a pain. I also like how in Mercs
you can recall to the temple that you've chosen. How would I go about this?
I noticed there are hometowns, would it be possible to modify these, or is
it easier simply to create knew code? Anyone have any ideas how this could
be accomplished?


Wes Fonvergne
*(Hope this wasn't a RTFC question.) ^_^

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