Re: [newbie] Changing basic value from stock

From: Zizazat Lazuras (zizazat@INAV.NET)
Date: 08/01/97

> Ok, I am a newbie IMP.  I need to change a few things that i do not like,
> but have no idea how to.  I want to change the following:
> 1) Lower AC value (say -250, etc)
> 2) Higher Hit/Dam
> 3) Higher HITPOINT increases (i have 100 levels)

These things are, or scale issues. For example, you are going
to have max ac (on the low end) of -250, you will want to rescale the
exsisting armor, or just scrap it and create all of your own new armor
with lower ac values.

The hit/damage thing is pretty much the same, but for weapons. Instead of
a 1d8 long sword, you want a 4d8 long sword. Etc.

As for more HP, your mob files will need to have more hp added to them,
and check the level gain routine in class.c (I think) and just up the

> 4) *if possible* a WAIT/DELAY when casting spells, so that casting a HIGH
> DAMAGE spell would take more than one round, and thus give enemies a
> chance to fight back without being killed in 2 rounds.

Look at your kick and bash skills for the fighters, you could use a wait
similar to that for various spells.

--Ziz, NetShamen

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