Re: [newbie] [space] Looking for room for a mud.

From: Klank the last Master of Doom (ecounts@KNOX.NET)
Date: 08/02/97

> > Obcircle:
> >
> > Has anybody thought of finishing the olc that comes with v3bpl11 (olc.c
> > and olc.h)? It would at least be a start......
> >
>         Actually, I was curious about this as well. I wasn't sure exactly
> what Jeremy had in mind for the olc, but i kinda like his code.  Is this
> another feature for "stock" circle? production 3 maybe :)  Or will it just
> be a rework of existing stuff?

Sorry for taking so long to reply, monitor blew :p Anyway, I think (from
looking at the code) that he intended it to be of a command type olc,
most of the function are empty tho :(. *Has* anybody done anything with
it? If you have I would like to see it.

- Eian

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