Clan Patch

From: Simba (simba@MAIL.GATEKEEP.NET)
Date: 08/02/97

Has anyone ever used the clan patch on the CircleMUD site? I need a little
help: (yes, I know, I ALWAYS need help. At least I learn.)

I am also compiling on a Win95 machine temporarily because it's easier to
edit locally, so I was unable to actually patch it in, even with the DOS
patch. I went in and manually created and made EVERYTHING, and it all
compiled perfectly but I have problem with the clan.obj file (clan.o in
UNIX). I get an "Unresolved external _strcasecmp". I know it's somewhere in
there, but I also had the change the case number on the CON_CLAN_EDIT
because I've edited my code a lot. Most of my stuff was done by me, and
it's hard to patch when you've got modified code. Any help? Please? ^_^

-Wes Fonvergne

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