Re: Race and Infravision

From: Robert Sinland (rsinland@ERSKINE.POLARISTEL.NET)
Date: 08/05/97

Simba wrote:
> >After looking over all the post's I could find on this subject, I
> >decided to attack it from a different angle.  I just made a few simple
> >mods to the code to allow _most_ non human chars to be able to "cast"
> >infra on themselves just as a magic user would be able to do, though
> >without having to prac it first. While my code needs a bit of fine
> >tuning, it works as intended.     If anyone would like to help test it,
> >or just have a look, say so and I'll send you a snippet.  I just don't
> >feel it's up to snuff for the list yet.
> >RS
>         Umm... why? All I did was set the AFF_FLAG of AFF_INFRAVISION when the
> character's stats are created, either in classes or races. Constant effect
> by infravision instantly. Seems to work for me. I even added special
> IF-ELSE statement to do_score to indicate it as a special skill.
> Example:
> case RACE_RAKH: /* Rakh race on my MUD */
> I haven't tested this, but to my knowledge, it works.
  Well, I did something similar as well, just messing around with the
can see in dark macros and such... however, depending of what your idea
of infravision is, you may not want it on all the time.  Just based on a
few of the novels I have read with Elves, Drow, Dwarves etc, seems that
they used it much like a spell or a skill, turning it on and off at
need.  So I guess that was my reasoning when I set it up the way that I
did :)

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