Re: question about how the mud startsup for c++

Date: 08/05/97

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I'm attempting to port the CircleMUD code over to C++.  What I would like
to know is if there is a document that shows pseudocode of how the mud
itself works.  For example:

   Mud starts up ...
   Load the rooms ...
   Load the object ...
   Load the mobs ...
   Connection goes to sleep waiting for next user ...

Before I go asking a lot of questions about sections of code, I want to be
able to try and figure them out on my own.  Does a document like this
exist?  If so, couold someone please point me in the right direction?
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     Go digging through comm.c for startup stuff, gameloop stuff, and
     interpreter.c for the menu/command stuff...  handler.c is mostly VERY
     important utility functions that you would want to add to either room
     obj or char objs.... hmmm.... char_to_room() where should that go? :)
     grep for main(  :)  that will show you where this thing starts, and
     then go searching from there..


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