Re[2]: Race and Infravision

Date: 08/05/97

Quote ------>
>         Umm... why? All I did was set the AFF_FLAG of AFF_INFRAVISION when the
> character's stats are created, either in classes or races. Constant effect
> by infravision instantly. Seems to work for me. I even added special
> IF-ELSE statement to do_score to indicate it as a special skill.
> Example:
> case RACE_RAKH: /* Rakh race on my MUD */
     <------ Quote

     Don't forget in point_update() in limits.c to add something like:

      if ((!IS_AFFECTED(i, AFF_INFRARED)) && ((IS_D_ELF(i)) ||
            SET_BIT(i->specials.affected_by, AFF_INFRARED);

     or else it might go away when 1) they die  2) some imm unaffects them
     3) other weirdness happens


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