Re: Objects in inventory

From: Crimson Wizard (cwizard@GIBLETS.COM)
Date: 08/05/97

On Tue, 5 Aug 1997, System Operator: Interqom wrote:

> I have tried to get it so that when someone quits on a free rent game
> and restarts their game, that the items they equipped would still be
> equipped, I know that they are unequipped for the sake of renting
> items.  If anyone has any input to this matter, please let me know,
> thanks.

Look for "autoequip" on either the snippets site or the FTP site
(, I've imped it and it works well.

whois|grep YEA2|awk '{print $1}'
whois|grep DOM|awk '{print $1}'
whois|grep DOM|awk '{print $1}'|cut -c1
whois tm920|grep TM920|awk '{print $4}'|cut -d@ -f1

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