Re: [NEWBIE] "Hero" levels

From: tigeba (tigeba@SPRINTMAIL.COM)
Date: 08/05/97

Robert A. Hayden wrote:
> Hi.  i'm a new CIRCLE admin, having my beta machine only up for a couple
> days now.
> last night I expanded the server from the stock 34 to 64 levels.  However,
> I'm having a little bit of a problem with a couple things.
> Here's the layout that I plan:
>         Levels 1-50     Mortal levels
>         Levels 51-60    "Hero" levels attainable only by Imms (for solving
>                         quests or some such)
>         Levels 61-64    Imms
> All of the levels seem to be working, except I can't figure out how to get
> people to stop leveling by XP at 50, and how to not see level 51 to 60 on
> the "level" display.  I'm hoping i just missed a really dumb parameter
> somewhere.
> Thanks for your help.

Couple ideas.

1 Check class.c in function advance_level and modify the code so the mud
  wont advance ppl past lvl 50...

2 You could also change the XP amounts so it requires some absurd amount
 xp for each level above 50 (IMO this would be smoother than immos
 a level outright for completing quests, etc, because there is more
 (ie, you didnt win but you did well, here is 1M xp, etc.  The other way
 either 'Here is your level' or 'Tough crap, no level for you..)

I hope that you are just anticipating this problem, and you do not
have mortals that are level 50 after 2 days of playing.  If this is the
I would think it is a definite sign that the game balance is way off
(unless you want people to win the whole thing and get bored in a week


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