Re: [NEWBIE] "Hero" levels

From: Robert A. Hayden (rhayden@ORION.MEANS.NET)
Date: 08/05/97

On Tue, 5 Aug 1997, tigeba wrote:

> I hope that you are just anticipating this problem, and you do not
> already
> have mortals that are level 50 after 2 days of playing.  If this is the
> case
> I would think it is a definite sign that the game balance is way off
> (unless you want people to win the whole thing and get bored in a week
> *grin*)

Oh god no.  The mud won't be ready to open for a couple months yet.
We're just starting with the level expansion, and then adding in classes
and races, then skills, then area (well, skills and areas will be
concurrent), wiping the pfile as needed with little loss.  Once we get up
and purring, THEN we'll invite the rest of the world on. :-)

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