Re: [NEWBIE] New MUD Questions

From: Stephen Arnold (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 08/05/97

On Tue, 5 Aug 1997, Daniel Whelan wrote:

> Hi, I'm completely new to running a MUD and am in the planning stages of
> setting one up. I don't have any coding experience with CircleMUD, but do
> have a lot of ideas for my MUD. I have played many MUDs for a LONG time,
> though. I am interested in having a level system of 1-50 mortal and 51-60
> imms. I am also interested in adding races and classes. How can I
> accomplish these things? Also, is there anything that I should know about
> CircleMUD being a "newbie" to it? Also, are there any cheap places for
> hosting a MUD? Thanks in advance for those that help me out on these simple
> questions.
> Daniel
        You have got to be kidding.

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