Re: [ftp wld files]

From: Jörgen \ (di5sig@CSE.HKS.SE)
Date: 08/05/97

> how do I do a search and replace usuing pico and or another editor

Ahm.. In Pico I don't know (never used it).
But in emacs: M-x replace-string<cr> searchstring<cr> replacement<cr>
I think there is a replace-string-regexp too if you want do some
advanced textreplacement.

In vi: %s/searchstring/replacestring/g <- notice the '%'. That means that
this substitution should be global (the whole file). If you skip the '%' it
will only substitute on the line where the cursors' at.

Two free lessons! Weee! Next time please RTFM or RTFF.


// Jorgen

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