[Off-Topic] Pico editor was -> [ftp wld files]

From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 08/06/97

> For Crying Out Loud!!  It's right at the bottom of the screen, are you
> blind!!?  Pico is what I use, and at the bottom, in pretty computer
> letters, it says: "^W Search".  There is no seach-n-replace command.  How
> do I know?  I used the "help" key also blattenly(sp?) present at the
> bottom of the screen to find out!

---------- Cut here - cut here ---------
void flame()
  printf("Ok, I think that should be enough... I agree, that a question "
         "this kind shouldn't appear on the list, but if you intend to "
         "flame poor guy, then do it in privat mail? Please? Is it too "
         "much to ask?\n\r");

 printf("He already got few replies, but yours was the most annoying "
        "and it shouldn't be sent tot he list. IMNSHO Why not just xplain "
        "that he should use 'joe' which has nifty CTRL-KF option? "
        "This makes me puke...\n\r");

 printf("If you intend to reply to this mail, reply in the private mail "
        "and don't spam the list with another! message. And if it will be "
        "another spam it will be moved into /dev/null...\n\r");

---- EOC ----

*GRUMBLE* Now cut this out, compile it and run it... *grumble again*

 Hm, that bug of mine, with non-NULL pointer is still there, so I've
decided that the best solution is to rewrite gen_damage function which
will return something if char was killed... :)


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