[RFC] dynamically assigned spec procs

Date: 08/06/97

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     <newbie question 1>
Read the FAQ.  Mud Experience doesn't help a huge amount.  Code experience
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By checking the FTP Site under contrib.  Learn a lot from there.  Learn
from the Snippets page, and *know* the FAQ.
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See the above comment.

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     Actually, this is the best set of answers possible to his questions.
     I forget the exact working of the intro message, but in the 1st 3 or 4
     line can it tell people to explore these sites and reading those
     documents before even thinking of asking a question?

     ok... on to my real point - SPEC's

     I was just mulling over in my head a way for builders to add a spec to
     a mob without me having to add a spec_assign.  essentially, have the
     assigns happen on the fly using and ESPEC parameter in the
     mob/obj/world file. (would have to add espec code to the last two, but
     hey, they need it)  I think it could be dynamic by doing something
     like how interpreter.c does the command pointers:


     code in db.c i think:
     case 'S':

     I was trying to figure out how to allow builder to assign multiple
     specs to one mob using the present system, but that will probably take
     flags or a couple of different spec pointers,  like a fighting spec,
     and a non fighting spec.  right now the only way to do it is how the
     archipelego code handles moods and citizens,  the SPEC(citizen) calls
     the mood code.  Any comments, questions?  (please direct flames to


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