[NEWBIE] Hero Classes and Racial Maximums

From: Robert A. Hayden (rhayden@ORION.MEANS.NET)
Date: 08/06/97

Hi all.  me again.  I wasn't able to get players to stop leveling at 50
like I had hoped yesterday.  So, instead we came up with a new solution.
When a character reaches 50th level, an Imm will use the "set" command to
change their XP to 0, their level to 1 and their class to "hero".  Then
those high-level mortals can start over on a unique (and high-XP) class
not attainable from the start menu.

Anyways, the reason I am writing today is that I installed the race patch
last night located on the FTP site in docs/3.x/contrib/race.doc, and
except for some typoes in the code examples of race.doc, it went pretty
smoothe.  In running some tests, however, I noted that the bonuses and
penalties to stats given to the various races are only applied at
character creation, and are not held gospel as racial maximums.  ie, an
elf might get a +1 to dexterity, yet their maximum dex is only 18, and not
19 (as affected by equipment in the game).

Are there any code examples/snippits on how to apply racial maximums (and
minimums for that matter).  I have a couple of ideas, but I suspect it
would be a process of re-inventing the wheel to try to put them in.  I
understand C structure fairly solidly, however my skill with syntax is
very poor, and a lot of it would be trial and error. :(

Thanks for your time.

Robert Hayden                           rhayden@means.net
IP Network Administrator
MEANS Telcom                            (612) 230-4416

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