Re: [NEWBIE] New MUD Questions

From: Daniel Whelan (merlin@OPHELAN.COM)
Date: 08/06/97

>Go to the circleMUD site ( likee is listed in this
>mailing list's FAQ.  There are very simple and easy to follow directions
>in the files classes and races to add just those things.
>What should you know?  CircleMUD is written in C, and you'll have to get
>to know it.  I still don't know a lot about it.  I had a Pascal class
>once, which was close enough to give me a start, and from there on I just
>read the code, trying to understand it, using what I knew of Pascal, and
>occasionally asking really ignorant questions to a couple people.
>Get to know and love 'grep' in unix; it's your friend and saviour.  Wanna
>find how 'bash' works in the mud?  Got to the src directory, and 'grep
>bash *'.  Go to where it tells you, and follow functions around.
>I will be willing to answer any question you feel might be too simple to
>post to the list.  Assuming I know the answer :)
>Hope you get your mud up and it's everything you hoped for.  But be
>patient; I've been working on mine since mid-semester winter '96.

OK. I'll go read that. I should have a running version of the CircleMUD 3.0
distribution today or tomorrow. I'm compiling it on my PowerMac, so it's
not quite as easy to compile as on UNIX. I would probably be shot if I ran
it on my shell account, so I'm stuck with it on my computer until I see a
good reason to run it on a dedicated shell that will allow me to run a MUD.
The UNIX stuff really isn't that relevent to me since I do all my editing
on my Mac since it's quicker and more stable than a PPP connection and a
Telnet to my shell, but I'll keep that in mind for when I have it on UNIX.
Does that work for any command in the MUD? That's a cool thing that I'll
play around with. I'm actually planning on looking through the code today
after I get it compiled. Thanks for the offer to answer any questions. I'm
sure I'll have a few for you, since the rest of the list didn't seem to
appreciate my post. :)

btw, how is your MDU coming that you started last year?


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