Re: [newbie][help] starting anew

From: Zizazat Lazuras (zizazat@INAV.NET)
Date: 08/06/97

> Ok, ill make this fast:
> I want to totally delete all the world files and start with ONE ROOM, and
> build out from there.  It would be much more convienient than merely
> re-naming everything.  I know that doing this is much more complicated
> than merely typing rm *.*.

You will need to change your index file in the /wld dir. Rather than
including all the wld files you no longer want (like 30.wld or 40.wld) you
need to delete out all, but the wld file you DO plan on working with. You
will have to also disable your zone files. (And do not forget to change
the mortal and immortal start rooms if you are trashing most all the

--Ziz, NetShamen

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