Daniel Kopeke.. Argument interpreter implemented.

From: Darklord (mattm@KRON.CS.CSUFRESNO.EDU)
Date: 08/06/97

  Ok.. I want to say i am the first to implement your interpreter...
now.. take into note.. it was a bitch.. to change all the ACMD .. but
then again.. i wanted to asure you that i had to redo your code
to acutally fit my mud..  Now for all those who think i have a circle mud...
think again.. just for the record.. the only thing i have kept that
is circle.. to be honest is the soceket handling and the interpreter
array.. (which will be hashed by next month)..

  Just some positive comments on your code Daniel..  I love it.. it basically
did away with the one_argument etc.. thus reducing a line per ACMD.
However.. i am still unsatisfied in that i am still using an arrayed
interpreter and using the circle socket handling somewhat.  Any help
you can give me.. or perhaps work on a semi small project with me.
I am looking for a book on socket handling, and will probably start with
that first.. but would be nice to have some personal help ..ie to make
the time spent reduced..

  I will probably have a beta version of the mud open for builders around
the first of the year.. and will probably open up the main one in about a
year from now.. so everybody can check out a mud with virtually code that
has yet to be seen ever on a mud.. to be modest that is.

  If you thought Bio-Hazard was pretty cool as far as the code the first
time.. be sure to check out Bio-Hazard ][.  By the way.. my application
is going into Sierra Online.. or whatever.. creaters of Warcraft ][, Leisure
suit Larry, Diablo, this month.. so will see what comes up.. i know one
of the main dudes personally and the business is only 45 minutes away from
my house.. ill keep ya posted.

  Thanks for taking the time to read this..  Sorry for the global message
but i forgot your email address.


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