Re: Daniel Kopeke.. Argument interpreter implemented.

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 08/06/97

On 8/7/97 2:11 AM, Darklord (mattm@KRON.CS.CSUFRESNO.EDU) stated:

>  If you thought Bio-Hazard was pretty cool as far as the code the first
>time.. be sure to check out Bio-Hazard ][.  By the way.. my application
>is going into Sierra Online.. or whatever.. creaters of Warcraft ][, Leisure
>suit Larry, Diablo, this month.. so will see what comes up.. i know one
>of the main dudes personally and the business is only 45 minutes away from
>my house.. ill keep ya posted.

Actuall WarCraft II and Diablo are from Blizzard.

- Chris Jacobson

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