Re: Daniel Kopeke.. Argument interpreter implemented.

From: Adam Beytin (mbeytin@UMD5.UMD.EDU)
Date: 08/11/97

> races, where not everyone is constantly referring to you as a, "americano
> estupido" (of course, since I speak a little spanish...:P)..

Ahh, go to Japan, they probably will call ya "amerikajin wa baka desu"
Maybe you'd enjoy the weather there better?  Hope you like fish ;)

A little OBcircle:
Been running without a compiler on my system for a while now, taken down
because of some sort of hacker..  Trying to keep a hold on all these
changes and test them before I compile the entire thing and get a thousand
errors.., is there any OS that I can compile on that will work well
compared to a Solaris 2.5 unix?  I tried on a friend's system, RedHat
Linux.., and the two are NOT compatible.

Maybe I'll survive the time I am waiting, as right now I'm spending time
with my new implementor in coming up with a really interesting background
story that explains how the town came about and separates the world into
two halves.., overworld and underworld.  Of course, I control the
underworld and he the overworld ;)  I have become evil Imp, and we are
going to use that idea that someone had a while ago, and that I've heard
repeated more than once.  Gods and Goddesses, you can pray to them,
worship in their temple.  Number is tallied as well as which God you are
praying to, and if you change worshipees, your tally goes back to 0.
Can't have evil people worshipping good gods either, so no good ppl will
ever have to even think about entering my temple ;)

Even making use of the immortal mobs that I made, level 101 (mobs are
nromally 100 levels at most) take no damage, are like immortals, but no
special commands.  There are two mobs that are head of the good and bad
halves, twin brother half-elves at birth.., one is Emperor of the
overworld, the other is ruler of the underworld.  Both are Avatars.

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