Re: REdit and OLC crashes

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 08/11/97

        Sorry again - sent it before it was done.. god do I hate windows
machines with their alt-tab-key-activates-send-and-waits-for-unwitting-user-to

> >
> > All of the sudden, OLC (Oasis) has started to crash on me.  It has been
> > working fine for nearly two weeks, I have made no changes to the code, yet
> > every time someone uses redit and then types "y" to the question "Save room
> > internally" the MUD crashes.  Any idea what can be causing this?  I look
> > and look but I don't see a core file in the /bin where circle resides or
> > any other directory (I'm running linux).  Is there any way besides using
> > gdb and a core file to locate what could be causing the problem?
> >
>       Redit crashing has popped up a few times.  One thing I
> have noticed is that the default behavior of much of oasis is to initilize
> a room/obj/mob, etc with names and descriptions of the order "This ____ is
> not yet completed"
        However, there are many places where you can clear the buffer, and
save it as a null string.  This is bad.  Anytime that that string is
accessed, you're going to run the risk of crashing.  I'd recommend that
you write a function like "rlist" on the snippet site, but modified to
look for null names, descs, etc, in the room descs, and to tell you which
room is problematic.  I had this problem with mobs for a while, and I tell
you, it was annoying.


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