Re: Chris Jacobson.. F.Y.I

From: Darklord (mattm@KRON.CS.CSUFRESNO.EDU)
Date: 08/06/97

>  If you thought Bio-Hazard was pretty cool as far as the code the first
>time.. be sure to check out Bio-Hazard ][.  By the way.. my application
>is going into Sierra Online.. or whatever.. creaters of Warcraft ][, Leisure
>suit Larry, Diablo, this month.. so will see what comes up.. i know one
>of the main dudes personally and the business is only 45 minutes away from
>my house.. ill keep ya posted.

Actuall WarCraft II and Diablo are from Blizzard.

- Chris Jacobson

Ok Chris.. Just for the record.. And im sure you didnt know this along
with the rest of the world.. but Sierra Online ownes Blizzard.  If you
dont believe me ill give you the number so you can call them up your self.

Not to flame here.. but i worked with chris carr who used to program
interpreter src for their own structured and so called Ansi C libs around
15 years ago.. I duno what they called the language.. but lets just say
it was similar to C.. but different.

Soo.. after spending an hour talking to one of the dudes (I know his name)
who has worked their before Atari tried to sue their ass.. (which you
probably didnt know) ... thats what he told me... Blizzard is owned
by Sierra Online.. just that its at a different branch..


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