Re: Renting Part II

Date: 08/08/97

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Thanks all for the quick replies, but my sorta main prob is that i
can't use the variable char*argument because it's just "not there".
I've tried using extern char *arguement, but there is none ....

With ACMD() or SPECIAL() you can use skip_spaces, one_argument, all
those arg manip functions, but this function is gen_receptionist,
which can only use chr *arg. When i do one_argument (arg, buf), it
comes up as the frist thing still (ie buf is "pay");
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     have you dona a log(arg); just to see what is in there?  might be
     really really helpful.  just go looking at what is passed to this
     thing, and then what you can do with it.
     these might be helpful too:

       return (gen_receptionist(ch, me, cmd, argument, RENT_FACTOR));

       return (gen_receptionist(ch, me, cmd, argument, CRYO_FACTOR));

     arg=argument :)


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