Re[2]: Re[2]: Aggr mobs - with races added

Date: 08/08/97

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-+     - how about giving all mobs races, having a 2d array that contains the
-+     relations of one race to the other. on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being
-+     friendly, 10 being aggro, the rest you decide. (make it 1 and 0 and
-+     you can just use bits, 1 vector for each race, but then you can only
-+     have 32 races.)

>Hm, it is an interesting idea, and lends itself to some rather interesting
>occurances.  I've always found it annoying that the mobile with the best weapon
>always dies to a character who gets the best weapon in the game.  An
>intelligent design would have more than just characters wanting that best >
>weapon.  This leads us to having mobiles of the same race (or of allied races)
>grouping together and seeking out treasures/armory, and returning
>to be a little bit tougher than what they once were.  With the proper amount of
>thought, you could achieve these affects with little more than a bit of
>C code.
was the little bit of code sarcasm?  if it wasn't, what do you have in mind,
sound interesting....
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>As for the exact implementation of racial hatred, I think a 2D array would only
>permit Dwarves to hate one race, or Orcs to only hate one race.  While this
>might be true in some cases, other cases have it different.  An army of humans
>and an army of dwarves prepare to attack one anoter, when an
>army of wood elves march up to attack both, and then an army of Orcs march up
>to attack all three, and finally some eagles come to the rescue (sound familiar
>to anyone? :).

>It might serve it's purpose better as a NUM_RACES*NUM_RACES array:

>bool racial_hatred[NUM_RACES][NUM_RACES] = {
>             /* Hum    Elf    Dwa    Orc   Eag */
>/* humans */ { false, false, true , true, false }, .
>/* Elf    */ { false, false, false, true, true  }
     <------ Quote
     correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this a 2d array? if it isn't, what
     Quote ------>

>[Hey, get this, I think that's the first C code I've written in 2 months!
>Well actuall, because I'm using lowercase false/true constants and the bool
>type, it's closer to C++, but anyway :P]
YAHOO!  can you think of what other racial affects there might be? so we can
have more values then true/false.


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