Re: Re[2]: Re[2]: Aggr mobs - with races added

From: AFCervo (chrisf@PTDPROLOG.NET)
Date: 08/08/97

> >bool racial_hatred[NUM_RACES][NUM_RACES] = {
> >             /* Hum    Elf    Dwa    Orc   Eag */
> >/* humans */ { false, false, true , true, false }, .
> >/* Elf    */ { false, false, false, true, true  }
> >.
> >.
> >};
>      <------ Quote
>      correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this a 2d array? if it isn't, what
>      is?
>      Quote ------>
 It would appear to be 2d yup yup

> >[Hey, get this, I think that's the first C code I've written in 2 months!
> >Well actuall, because I'm using lowercase false/true constants and the bool
> >type, it's closer to C++, but anyway :P]
Hurray for you, let's have a big party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!

> YAHOO!  can you think of what other racial affects there might be? so we can
> have more values then true/false.

anyway instead of just aggressive mobs, or a whole scale from 1 to 10, why
not have just a few different forms of aggressivness...

#define DESPISE 0  /* will attack members of race on sight */
#define HATE 1  /* will only attack members of race in home terretory */
#define NEUTRAL 2 /* will not care about the mob at all and treat it like
most mobs treat each other in vanilla circle */
#define FRIEND 3 /* mobs will group togethor and assist each other */

int racial_behavior[NUM_MOB_RACES][NUM_MOB_RACES] = {
       /*   Hum      Elf     Dwa        Orc      Eag    */

also set each race up with a home territory...
Also give mob races some types of enhanced skills, like an elf has another
attack, added on to however you do it.  Some people do it by level, some
like me have something in olc to pick the number of attacks a mob gets,
but either way have an elf get another attack because they are strong.
Give orcs the ability to throw a player a few rooms back, with sheer
brute strength.  Maybe even make humans friends, or neutral to everyone.
Also make another 2d array with player races and mob races to define
aggressiveness, and friendlyness, and if they are friends, the mob will
assist the player, even as far as killing another player.  It would rule..

although like was mentioned before, sysadmins would be up in arms over
this, and be sweating and pulling out all their hair.  So maybe only have
this happen when there is an observer in the room or something like that.

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