Re: [CODE] "chown"

From: Jeffrey A. Robertson (nix@PCONLINE.COM)
Date: 08/08/97

On Fri, 8 Aug 1997, Stephen Marz wrote:

*** Much stuff snipped ***
> Although the force command takes to hints to give to the char, if the
> character is very subborn, he would make a trigger that whenever it is
> forced to rem sword, then he would wield sword, I guess it is possible,
> but I see where chown would come in handy.

        Yes, but I'd think forcing the player to quit would get
        around that problem... unless your mud doesn't use rent.

        Or a 'rem all' quickly followed by a 'drop all' quickly
        followed by a 'quit' maybe.

        And if someone is being that stubborn and annoying, the
        next question to ask is do they deserve the priviledge
        of playing on your mud?

        Just my 2 cents,


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