Re: Files.

From: Christian Duvall (chris@DP.NET)
Date: 08/08/97

>         That is an interesting idea, A simple toggle for a zone to prevent
> say relocating or portaling to mobs/pcs within that area instead of making
> all the rooms !noportal or !nosummon for all mobs. Has anyone done this at
> all?

Ok! I figured that I didnt need to convert files after all.
If you add the member to save in oedit.c (get_obj_timer..) Then leave
db.c (parse_object) it wont give a compile error. Then edit one object
in that field, for each zone and it will update the entire file with the
default number (0). I did this, and all my objects got the extra field
in the timer category and I was able to change the sscanf in db.c to
read the new values. Hence, when I do the zone flag it will probably be
a binary toggle type deal. 1 would be Unaccessable. 0, since it would be
the standard , would be a zone anyone could access. Then in code such as
do_simple_move(because some builders may accidently connect a zone to 0
where a thrifty mortal can get to) using dig, Add it to the summon code,
the teleport code. and relocate code. I like to have a player test a new
zone sometimes, and ppl can always relocate if they beat the saving
throw and get in the new zone, etc. So to make all precautions I will
probably do something to that effect.

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