Re: Newbie compiling error

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 08/10/97

> Actually, I can read so I'm not asking for the obvious here.  When
> compiling, I get lots of errors in comm.c starting around line
> 988(non-stock, tho, in prompt function) about structure not having member
> "saved".  It's not telling me which structure doesn't have it, and I only
> put in one variable with the name "saved" and I actually changed it just
> awhile before I compiled.  In structs.h, "saved" only appears in
> commenting and it doesn't appear at all in comm.c.  I'm kinda at a loss
> here.  The compiling message Structure has no member "blah", can that be
> caused be some other kind of mistake in my coding besides the obvious?

        Well, first, if you patched it in, did you get any .rej files....
If you did, you'll have to sort those out first..

Here's my grep -n saved *.h

structs.h:974:   struct char_special_data_saved saved; /* constants saved in plr file    */
utils.h:191:#define MOB_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.act)
utils.h:192:#define PLR_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.act)
utils.h:193:#define PRF_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->player_specials->saved.pref)
utils.h:194:#define AFF_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.affected_by)
utils.h:195:#define IMM_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.immunities)
utils.h:196:#define RES_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.resistances)
utils.h:197:#define SUS_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.suscept)
utils.h:198:#define SYS_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.sys)
utils.h:199:#define AUTO_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.autot)
utils.h:200:#define CHAN_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.chan)
utils.h:309:#define GET_IDNUM(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.idnum)
utils.h:315:#define GET_SAVE(ch, i) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.apply_saving_throw[i])
utils.h:316:#define GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.alignment)
utils.h:318:#define GET_COND(ch, i) ((ch)->player_specials->saved.conditions[(i)])

        Well, I cut it off after a bit.. but if you don't have a "saved"
struct, you're probably not running circle.  Might want to double check


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