Re: Spell Memorizations/Prayers

From: (pure@SPRINT.COM.AU)
Date: 08/13/97

Daniel Koepke wrote:

> Ahh, the dreaded idea of reinventing the wheel.  I did a spell
> memorization
> system for someone before (Nashak?), but I don't have the code (even
> if I
> had kept it, after a hard drive failure I wouldn't have it).

Heh .. I still have the code ... cause i gave it to Nashak ;)  Poor
thing had lots of trouble with it .... but now, i've tweeked mine big
time since then and it works fine ..

But the moral to this is this ... I'm blond and I DID IT. No shit. So
you can ... it took me around a week and half .... on and off ....
isn't too hard at all.

I would recomend anyone try it ... even if you don't want to impliment
it ... it taught me HEAPS about the circle code, so it will be a good

Cya and good luck ... and no. i'm not going to post it anywhere ...


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