Re: [OasisOLC] Exits? from "John Evans" at Aug 12, 97 09:54:49 pm

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 08/12/97

> This is not a code solution, but a policy one. If someone is editing a
> room, don't make a new room until they are done. Go on and edit something
> else. My staff of builders is very small (less than 10), and only 1-3 are
> on at any one time, so this is not a problem.
> I was not aware of this problem, and now that I am, the new policy is in
> effect until I can fix the code for it.

a code solution to go along with your new policy could be to modify the
olc.c code where it checks to see if anyone is editing the room that you
want to edit, and change it to check for anyone in the redit state of
conness..and say that soemone is editing rooms..

that way..a builder who isn't paying attention to what others are
doing, or just doesn't care couldn't edit rooms if he tried...


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