Re: INFO - memory leaks

From: Desmond Daignault (tekdd@DTOL.DATATIMES.COM)
Date: 08/13/97

On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Tom Dailey wrote:

=>> Hello everyone!
=>> We at Zombie have been fortunate enough to get a copy of Insure++, a
=>> memory leak program written by Parasoft corp.
=>> If you've never seen this software, go to and check it
=>> out.

I have checked them out, but they are a bit pricy for me. If memory serves
me correct, a single user license for their complete package running
on Linux was $5500, while just the memory leak part was quoted to me for



void signature () {
  printf ("Praise not the day until evening has come; a woman\n"
          "until she is burnt; a sword until it is tried; a maiden until\n"
          "she is married; ice until it has been  crossed; beer until it\n"
          "has been drunk.   -- Viking Proverb\n");

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